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Grace Leadership List 2016

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Lay Leader: Fred Doak
Lay Member, Annual Conference: Ryan Hoegg
Alternate Lay Member: Mike Slack
Administrative Council Chair: Annette Harper
Admin. Council Secretary: Candice Gentry
Church Treasurer: Kay Lovett
Financial Secretary: Nancy Tooman

Mission Community:

 Local and Global missions: Skyline, VIM, Whiz Kids, Comfort Critters, etc.
Tony Eastmond, Chair    
Bob Boone Loretta Hinkle Mitch Miller
Dr. Rebecka Bourn Rev. Rebecca Morton  

Discipleship Community:

 Age level ministry, VBS, ReNew, community outreach service, Sunday School, etc.
Rebekah Ingraham, Co-Chair Lori Hoegg, Co-Chair  
Don Skinner-Noble Nancy Dunn  
Karen Wilkes Doug Wilkes-Ball  
Loretta Hinkle Sam Skinner-Noble  

Nurture Community:

Helping those who are interested in becoming part of our church to join in our fellowship and then providing that fellowship.  Includes hospital visits, caregiving, hospitality, fellowship, evangelism, etc.
Rev. Glenda Skinner-Noble, Chair    
Steve Sharp Navena Alexander Becky Sharp
Kaye Jeffries Jenna Kidd Fred Dalton
Joan Smith Tina Elliott Linda Dalton
Cleoh Smith Margret Hall Christy Jenkins
Ed Cook Bill Elliott Liz Cook
  Dr. Rebecka Bourn Annette Harper

Administrative Council - At-Large Seats

Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Carolyn Taylor Bill Gillespie Nancy Johnson
Jim Bare Rebekah Ingraham Helen Gillespie
Kaye Jeffries Bob Towe Larry Jeffries
Bill Elliott Mitch Miller Candice Gentry
Bill Ramsey Betty Broadus Virginia Towe
Sam Skinner-Noble Grace & Hannah Wilkes-Ball Marsha Sneed

Nominations and Leadership

Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017
Tony Eastmond Annette Harper Betty Broadus
Cleoh Smith Bob Boone Lisa Rowland

Grace Child Development Committee

Cindy Ruffel, Chair    
Laura Neff, GCDC Director Nancy Dunn Dr. Rebecka Bourn
Bill Elliott Suzanne Emler  

Church Social Transformation

Janet Boone, Chair    
Katie Wilkes-Ball    

Worship Community

Evaluating, planning, resourcing worship experiences
Renée Boone, Chair Brian Bourn, Chair Tech Team  
Bill Gillespie Kay Gray - Communion Rev. Ginger Howl
Fred Doak Candice Gentry Wes Howl
Rebekah Ingraham Buddy Kidd Rev. Ed Light
Rev. Glenda Skinner-Noble  

Staff/Pastor Parish Relations

Roger Patty, Chair    
Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Annette Harper Joan Smith Lori Hoegg
Tina Elliott JoAnn Hall Daniel Marmen
Candice Gentry Helen Gillespie Roger Patty


Brian Bourn, Chair    
Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Tom Logsdon Carolyn Taylor Nancy Johnson
Randy Dunn Bill Elliott Diana Thomas
Betty Broadus Ryan Hoegg Brian Bourn
    John Miller

Finance Committee

Bill Elliott, Chair    
Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Bob Towe Bettye Carmichael Mike Slack
Tony Eastmond Bill Gillespie Bob Daniels
Ex Officio Members:    
Nancy Tooman Fred Doak Kay Lovett, Treasurer
Annette Harper Rev. Ed Light  

Memorial Committee

Rev. Ed Light Bill Elliott, Finance Betty Broadus
Annette Harper, Admin Chair Tony Eastmond, Missions Kaye Wright
Brian Bourn, Trustee Chair Helen Pickens